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    Outlook with Office365 - search across account, by date rate, in multiple folders - how?

    I'm on Outlook from Office365. Not crazy about it. I have many email accounts, and would like to clean up old email across the board. I want to use the search box at the top to search for a date range, in ALL accounts, across multiple folders - like "folder:(All Mail)...
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    Why won't Title display in message list?

    Using Outlook for Office 365. My Outlook account shows up as an Exchange account. When I look at the "Outlook properties" for someone (internal to my school district) who sends me an email, I can see their Title. When I add either the Job Title or Title column to my message list view, it's...
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    How to use VBA to show only items x days old or more

    I'm using the Unified Inbox vba from this site because ... well, because I can't believe MS hasn't built this in, yet! But I'd also like to be able to use similar code to search for messages based on their age, in days. How would I do that? I don't want to use "yesterday," or "this week."...
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    Quick Parts signatures suddenly require more letters

    I use quick parts to insert audience-appropriate signatures (internal, external, casual) to my outgoing emails. I preface the quick part names with sig:, so I have sig:Inside, sig:Outside, sig:Casual. We had a "rebranding" here that required me to change my external and internal signatures. I...