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    Linked (online) signature images

    Is outlook set to work offline? That *should* prevent outlook from trying to download the image as you compose.
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    Outlook BSOD (my oldest computer)

    Some past versions had a limit of 50 and 99 - but the real limitation is due to your hardware, not outlook. If you have too many it can make outlook sluggish - it's based on your ram and processor.
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    Outlook Contacts and Calenders not syncing between PC, IPhone, and Windows 8.1 tablet

    What happened when you tried to use for syncing? POP and IMAP accounts are email only, they don't sync calendar or contacts, so you need a different method or a utility.
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    Wishlist Limiting attendance at meetings

    No, not that I am aware of, but it's a popular request. Exchange meeting rooms have a capacity field, but it's for informational purposes and doesn't block people from accepting a meeting.
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    VbaProject: Changing email format

    concatenate the fields - myForward.subject = myForward.subject & myForward.body Because the subject doesn't handles lines breaks well, you should replace them with commas or another character (I'm assuming the body is 5 lines as you've posted here.) strSubject = replace(item.body, vbcrlf...
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    Renaming while drag and dropping to file

    I'm not aware of any way to do this, short of a 3rd party program or a macro in Outlook that saves the message. If you are using limited numbers of folders, you can use several macros, each pointing to a different path, but if you use a lot of folders or they change frequently, you'll need to...
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    Creating a Select Case for a directory of folders

    Did you ever come up with a solution? I don't have any code samples that would do this.
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    Mail accounts don't show up in navigation pane

    Is that the outlook update released in the fall? In Outlook > Preferences > General, what is your setting? This is with group similar folders enabled - if it's not enabled, the listing with inbox, drafts etc goes away. I thought there was an option to only show the group folders but don't...
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    Default pst file

    In Outlook 2013, go to File, Account Settings then Data Files tab - the default pst is marked. When you moved the pst files. did you also change the delivery location - File, Account Settings - select the account then Change Folder button and select the Inbox of the correct pst file. FWIW...
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    creating gmail account in Outlook 2013

    Enabling less secure apps won't necessarily leave you vulnerable - but I know (because I use it) that you can use gmail in Outlook with two-factor auth enabled in Gmail. You do need to use the app password in Outlook, not your real password, since Outlook can't use the code that is texted to...
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    Sync Sharepoint Calendar With Personal Calendar

    You would need to either create them in the Sharepoint Calendar folder or use a macro to move or copy them to the Sharepoint calendar. Here are two different macros - the first will keep a copy in your default calendar, the second will save them to the other calendar (no copy in your calendar)...
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    Hae Rules NOT perform automatically?

    If you don't add a check in the box next to rule name the Rules Wizard, they will only run manually... or let them run as mail arrives and use the Unread Search folder to read new mail.
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    Desktop Outlook not sending from alternative email

    I'm guessing Perito added the account as an alias in account options.
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    Button in body of email to approve/reject with original text

    The problem with including buttons in the body is that Outlook doesn't support active content in Email... you'd need to use a custom form and a control button - but that only works well if the form is published to an Exchange organizational forms library. If you just need a message that says...
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    HOw to keep Outlook iCloud add-in enabled

    i don't know why it would help either - but if that is what the warning said... i don't see the log file in the message in my install (as either Zpple or Apple :)) Is the the exact error message? I'll get you the instructions for forcing it to load in the registry.