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    Outlook clients did not reconnect to Exchange when one CAS server in CAS array became unresponsive

    Hello All We have a CAS array with two CAS servers in the array and a Netscaler load balancer. One of the CAS servers became unresponsive for a few minutes but some outlook clients were not able to reconnect to outlook even though second CAS server was still functional. What are the possible...
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    Who Deleted My Recurring Meeting?

    Thank you Diane! I looked in "Deleted" folder of this Room Mailbox. However, I was not successful finding any trace of this meeting being deleted or cancelled. The person who reported this issue is unable to provide information on when exactly this cancellation took place. All the members of...
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    Who Deleted My Recurring Meeting?

    Hello! Someone cancelled a recurring meeting from one of our Room Mailboxes. All of the invited users still have this meeting in their calendars but the meeting room does not have this meeting scheduled anymore. Is there any way to trace who cancelled this meeting from this Room Mailbox?