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    Macro To Create Rule To Export From Certain Folder Email Information in one workbook multiple sheets

    I am trying to create a script rule that automatically exports email body information when received into a predesigned spreadsheet that is done throughout the week but daily it is updated with the info. At the end of the week a new sheet is created for the following week. The email body looks...
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    Macro to delay email

    I'm new on macros and now I need to create a macro in Outlook 2010 for the followings: Start with open a new message, To: XXX CC: XXX CCo: XXX Then to programm or delay the email until a day and a specific hour. I have to send emails everyday but I need them to be sent on a specific day. For...
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    Auto subject,name,email,deferred

    Hi All, I have an excel spreadsheet with 200 names and emails. I am trying to create a macro that will be able to automatically email all 200 recipients with their name in the email and the subject line filled out. The emails will also have a deferred delivery time. Currently I do it like this...