1. copperberry

    Outlook 2013 (desktop) vs Outlook 365/Outlook 2016

    I'm looking for discussions comparing Outlook 2013 (desktop) with Outlook 365/Outlook 2016. I can't tell if it's too soon to expect to see information on this, or if I'm missing something: There are a lot of websites that refer to Outlook.com, but I understand that is migrating to Outlook...
  2. M

    Automatically create event in calendar when task is created

    Hi, is there a way to automatically create an event when the task is created? (copy of task in calendar?) Thx Greetings
  3. D

    Outlook task insert

    Hi All: I am looking for some help with VBA and Outlook tasks (Outlook 2010 and 2013) and figured this is the best place to start ;) I have a number of Tasks in Outlook, all labeled with a numerical hierarchy: e.g. Task 1.0 is a Parent Task 1.1 is a Child of 1.0 Task 1.2 is a Child of 1.0 etc...
  4. C

    Printing tasks with multiple categories

    Hi I use multiple catergories on each task to define importance / urgency /project etc.etc. When I print a to do list for the day ( I know, uses trees, not the modern way, but that's the way I like it), I just want to print each task selected once. Whatever I do by way of filtering or...
  5. B

    on flag message event - create task

    There seems to be lots of proposed solutions to this, however - all create a "to-do" list item To-Do lists do not show in iphone Tasks (activeSynch) Need a vba snippet to create new TASK on set flag event. Article here appears to be the best descriptor, but this (again) only creates a to-do...