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    Spell check

    I created VBA code to automate the formatting and language selection in new e-mail messages and replies to e-mails, because I send a lot of e-mail and in different languages. One irritating issue which I cannot resolve is the spell check that is performed on the e-mail subject. My default...
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    How to stop user form from disapearing once mail window is closed?

    Hello, My Outlook VBA code causes a UserForm to pop up at specified times during the day (triggered by the reminders). When it does, the user needs to take action or may close it, depending on the information displayed on that UserForm. I need to have the possibility to navigate through...
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    Replyall macro with template and auto insert receptens

    Hello ! I am trying to "merge" the Automatic insert receptens name and replyall with template macro.. What am i doing wrong ?? Im trying to merge theese 2. They work seperately. But after adding the autoinsert names to field the Replyall macro with template wont add the item. GOAL: Is that...
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    Problem Checking the available stores in my Inbox (Outlook VBA)

    Hello, I'm trying Check the available stores in my Inbox but stopped in "Next oStore" and I receive this error: Run-time error -941162370 (c7e7007e) Automation Error. Sub Test() Dim myNameSpace As Outlook.NameSpace Dim oStore As Outlook.Store Set myNameSpace =...
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    Outlook VBA How to adapt this code for using in a different Mail Inbox

    Hello, friends. I'm trying to adapt this code for using in a different Mail Inbox named "Workgroup", but I don't get it. I don't know if a need replace entire main "My Inbox" or create a route from there. In any case, I don't get it! In adiccion, I'm trying to categorize my eMails with a blue...
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    VBA Cases with Listbox - Can you use Multi-Select?

    I currently have a VBA scrip that is running in Outlook where it pops up a listbox. The user selects the attachment, then it is added to the current email and unloads the user form. Now we are wondering if we can do multi-select and choose multiple attachments to go to the email. Here is the...
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    Macro/VBA to Reply All, with the original attachments

    My company uses an ERP system that emails our customers their invoices as attachments. For whatever reason, these emails from the ERP system are not delivered to Gmail or Yahoo email accounts, but we have included ourselves as recipients and get it without issue. From there we can Reply All...
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    macro runs slower on startup than after

    Hi all, Apologies, but there may be two parts to this question.. In Outlook 2010, I cobbled together a macro from a series of code snippets and some of my own volition, and everything "works" (subjective term). Basically the macro constructs a calendar and adds appointments from a group of...
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    Assign categories to outgoing emails

    Hi Diane, I'm trying to add use a macro that when pressed via a button on the ribbon will add a category to the new/outgoing email. If I start a new email the macro works fine to add the category but as soon as I hit send it seems to be removed and it goes without the category on. The reason...
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    Outlook macro to automate search and forward process

    is this possible? Is there a way to use a macro that will search an inbox for a part of a subject line from an email then forward the search results to another email? Example: Macro is triggered, for each COMPLETE email in the inbox, subject line of the email is “This is the subject COMPLETE”...
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    Create A Search Folder That Looks For Message Class?

    we have a Document Management System that when an email is sent or received and is filed it gets given a Message class that contains EMS, I want a code that will create a search folder that will search "Sent Items" for a message class that contains EMS? Thanks in advance
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    Insert link in email body to attached document in Outlook 365

    Hello, The folowing code worked OK in 2013: Private Sub attachementTool() Dim msg, Dim attach Set msg = Application.CreateItem(0) msg.To = "me@gmail.com" msg.Subject = "test link" msg.HTMLBody = "<html><body>click <a href=""cid:attachCid1"">here</a> to open attachment <br />" & _ "click <a...
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    VBA Code in Outlook disappears after first use

    Hi, I have a simple VBA code in Outlook 2016 that pops up when users send an email that does not contain our domain name. This works fine on a local machine using a local profile but when I transfer the code to accounts in a Citrix environment the code works only once and then disappears and...
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    Run time error 424. object required in outlook 2013

    Hi I was trying to build a custom based form in outlook 2013. I got the tutorial on News, Tips, and Advice for Technology Professionals - TechRepublic I followed the step and was able to add a combobox to the form as well as a VB Script. But each time i run the form the combobos did populate...
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    Adding new Exchange (2016) rule very slow down Microsoft Outlook

    1 down vote favorite We have recently rolled out Exchange 2016 + Outlook 2016 across our business, and have just finished migrating users over to this. One of our machine which has 20GB Email (automated emails for logging) takes ages when creating a rule within...