The source and destination folders for this operation cannot be the same

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Peter in Australia

I have a new HP lap top with Windows 7 Home Premium. I have loaded on to it my Office 2003 Professional. All of the latter 'works' except that in Outlook I cannot transfer my emails and contacts from my old machine. The data was 'exported' from Outlook on my old machine to its hard drive and then on to my new hard drive via and exteranl hard drive. But I cannot get it into Outlook on my new hard drive

Diane Poremsky

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It sounds like you are picking the wrong folder to import to. We don't recommend using import when you change computers unless you are changing versions of Office and the old version is more than 1 version older.

How about just copying the pst from the old machine and opening it in the new one? You can set it as default and have everything as it was on the old computer.


Roady [MVP]

First, make sure you update Office 2003 to SP3 level with additional updates.
Second, configure Outlook 2003 with your accounts.

To get your data over from your old machine, don't export anything but simply copy over your original pst-file to a folder which is convenient to you.
For instance; (My) Documents\Outlook

Then reconnect the pst-file via;
File-> Open-> Outlook Data File...

For step-by-step details see;


I just recently copied Office 2007 .pst from old machine, over to our new laptop with Office 2010. The .pst has all our calendar and contacts in it, in addition to all email in the inbox. We use msn/hotmail. So when I setup Office 2010 for first time, and said that I used msn email, it downloaded all inbox emails from the server into a new .pst folder.

I'd like to just use our old .pst , and have all new emails downloaded to the old pst (because it also has our calendar and contacts in it). And we use Apple's MobileMe software to sync email with an iPhone, so need to point it to the correct pst as well.

Can I change the default pst folder to my old pst without having Outlook (and i'm using the hotmail outlook connector software) download from the server all my 9,000 emails in inbox once again? I don't want to end up with 18,000 emails in my inbox.




I just found this on outlook tips site: I didn't do this before I opened Outlook 2010 for first time, so it went ahead and created a new pst and download all 9,000 of our mails from the server into a new PSt. Question is...can I do these steps now, and then just click on the pst that Office 2010 created, and remove it after the fact?

If you have an Outlook data file (*.PST) you want to use with your new profile, follow these steps immediately. Do not open Outlook until you change the PST. the newly created profile then click Properties. Click Data files button to open the Account Settings dialog to the Data files tab. (Either button opens the Account Settings dialog.)Click Add then browse to your existing PST file. If the PST is a native Outlook 2003/2007 file type, choose the top entry for Outlook Personal File. (It is highly recommended that you use Outlook 2003/2007 PST format for your default PST). Click OkSelect your existing PST file. You can enter a friendly name or just click Ok to return to the Account Settings dialog.Click the Set as Default button.

Select the PST Outlook created when it created the profile and click Remove. If you want, click Open folder to find and delete this PST.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
Yes, but you should do it from Control panel, Mail, not from Outlook's File, Account dialog.
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