Pasting from Clipboard does not create attachment in Outlook 2007

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I have a need to 'cut' to the clipboard an attachment created by a program and sent to an Outlook mail dialog, then close the diaglog box and 'paste' the attachment into another outbout mail dialog (cannot drag and drop because the first dialog box must be closed before you can access the second). In OUtlook 2003 I could do this and in the second dialog box it would automatically add the 'attachment' line andinsert the item from the clipboard.

In Outlook 2007 the item appears in the Office clipboard but cannot be pasted UNLESS I have first added another attachment using the insert file command (if another attachment already is in the mail dialog box, the cut and paste works fine). Cannot use cntl-V or the paste command from the clipboard. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

This appears to be unique to items that are 'temp' files (not saved). I can cut and paste a saved file and it works normally. However cannot cut and paste this 'temp' file without the intermediate step of having to save it. This worked in Outlook 2003/XP SP3 with no problem. Now using Outlook 2007/Win 7 64bit.

Is this a bug, intentional, a setting I need to change, or one of life's little mysteries?

Niyamath Khan

You can try steps to clear the tempaorary folder.

Click on Start>type %temp% and hit Enter.

Once the tempaorary folder is open delete all the temp files.


You cannot drag to a mail dialog box when another is opened through the 'send file' options. And SP2 is installed. In Office 2003 there was a prompt that asked if you wanted to save the clipboard contents for use elsewhere-just seems like I must be missing a setting in 2007 that will do the same prompt.


Did this. Did not make a difference.

In Outlook 2003 if you put stuff on the clipboard and then closed the email dialog, you would get a prompt that asked if you wanted to keep the clipboard contents. You do not get this message in 2007. Seems like perhaps there is a setting I am missing somewhere???


MetalBender - Did you ever find a way to make this process work? I do (or did) this all the time - quite annoying that it's not working. Thanks.

Niraj Patel

I am having this issue as well. Is there a resolution to this or can someone from Microsoft chime in and confirm this is " known" functionality in Outlook 2007? (I am running 'SP2)


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I would suggest you to post an new thread instead!
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