Outllok configuration for Microsoft exchange acount unable to connect to bussines mail server

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I use microsoft office Outlook 2007 on both my laptop (vista) and destop (win 7) and connect trough VPN to my work email. No problems with the laptop but with the same setings it doesn't work on desktpo. The only way around I set it as a pop account but I can't see all the subfolders I create in my inbox at work. Is there any way to get to see all folders or at least make it work with exchange account?

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

On the desktop can you ping the server by name? What firewall software are you using on the desktop? You may have to create an exception on your firewall to let Outlook or RPC through.


Yes I can ping my server by name and IP I'm using Mcafee on both laptop and desktop and outlook is excepted (ful access) More tah that if I try to set the mail acount as exchange server it can talk to server and "check the name" then whend I click Next the log on windows apare and it seams it can't get trough the logon windows keep poping up. The think is bother me is the same setings are working for vista bat not for vin 7 what is the diference?

MJ answer's

If a POP3 account works fine in Outlook, this clearly shows that the issue is not with Outlook.

As far as I know there are problems for an Exchange account to work in Windows 7.

Check in the windows Safe mode to check if any non-microsoft programs are causing a problem.

If the above does not work, you might have to contact your admin to check if they have some settings which require to be changed for windows 7.


I have the same issue regarding the set-up of the Outlook 2010. It was suppose to have been configured via Lenovo when I bought my laptop and it is showing it on my desktop, but I get the exchange server error message. What is the exchange server that should be typed in that box? It showed www.msn.com when I opened it. I'm sure that's not the exchange server. Help!
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