Search within ouitlook results in missing last character in from name, subject and folder names

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Search within ouitlook results in missing last character in from name, subject and folder names

Greetings Leo

Ezil Vinoth

Do you use Indexing search in Outlook?

In which section of Outlook did you perform the search and where do you see the results?

Provide detailed information regarding the steps related to the issue.


I have the same issue... Outlook 2010 shows the text in every column truncated by one character when I search using the Advanced Find.

The problem is consistent and always occurs when I do an Advanced Search of folders in a personal mail folder. The folders are fairly large with subfolders.

Typically the search is only restricted to those mailitems sent in, say, the last week.

Also, often the search results are not restricted to the folders selected and the results return items from all folders, including the deleted items folder.

I have installed Windows Search 4 - maybe this is a problem?

Any answer to fix this would be great!



Yes indexed Search is on in Outlook and all items have been indexed

I search within inbox related folders and all senders, disciptions and foldernames are missing the last character.

I see the results within outloom. The screen is filled with the found results.

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