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When connecting to Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2007, we've encountered a problem with Outlook 2007. When opening an e-mail with a lot of attachments (20 or more) they save the attachments by selecting Save all attatchments. In this function you can select multiple attachments and save them to a selected folder. Since the upgrade from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, and moving the mailboxes to the new server this function is no longer available for new e-mails that where received on the Exchange 2010 server. (Dragging, or individual by right clicking functions work fine) is this a known issue?




You have followed the steps in the “Save multiple attachments in a message” section of this article to save the attachments, haven"t you?

Per my test (Exchange2010 +Outlook 2007 SP1), “Save all attachments” function is working. Can you describe the steps you used to perform this function? How actually can"t it be done?

Can you reproduce the issue permanently? Please attach two sample files and then send to yourself, see if the symptom still persists

James Luo



I've followed the steps indeed. We are using Outlook 2007 with SP2 (also implemented all the recent updates). Mostly the e-mail is send from internal or an external trusted person. We can reproduce the problem permanently with any account (even administrator), as long as it is in Outlook 2007. In Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2003 there is no problem.

When using the " Save all attachments" function (via shortcuts in the Quick Access Toolbar or via the office button) there is no error message, also there no sign of unsafe messages.

I also disabled (uninstalled) the antivirus, checked security settings in Outlook.



Hi Kareem,

Yes, mailtips are installed. But there is no response.

Kareem Behery

The Mailtips is installed , but you need to reconfigure it to allow more attachment in one mail


I checked with Get-OrganizationConfig the settings for Mailtips. But I can't find the configuration for the number of attachments. Can you please give me a hint or the cmd-let?



I also am seeing this same issue. Oulook 2003 and 2010 Clients are fine, but 2007 does not want to play ball.
Whilst I don't personally see the issue with just right clicking an attachment and doing a save as, I can't really tell my client that.

Fabian Castagna

I have just spent half the day looking at this same issue, I managed to issolate it down to attachments sent in/out of the exchange.

Email sent from 1 internal account to another seemed to work fine, but if i send the exact same attachment to my personal email gmail etc, when i open email and select save attachments nothing happens, BUTT if i then forward that to another private email it will then work

Same if i send from external to internal aswell.

Answer to this would be good...


I´m having the same problem with exchange 2010 & outlook 2003. Outlook doesn´t recognize that there are attachments in the mail.
maybe rollup 2 could help, will try tonight.
Greetings Jochen
EDIT: Rollup 2 doesn´t solve this problem.


I also have this problem - Outlook 2007 (12.0.6514.5000) definately sufferes this problem. Also seems to occur for some Outlook 2003 (11.8313.8221) clients, although I cannot see why it works for some but not others).

Any further response from Microsoft?


Same thing is happening here outlook 2003, just hooked up to a exchange 2010 and any new email that comes in you can't do a save all atachments but any old email that came though the old pop account can save all atachments.

They can save atachments one by one but this isn't accecptable with my client.

Others in this office using 2003 seems to work ok just this one guy and he happens to be the boss :(

Any chance we can get this resolved?

tonight I'm going to del his profile and set a new one and I'll report back


We are also experiencing this issue with outlook 2007 and exchange 2010. Messages sent internally seem to work, but messages coming from outside do not pop up the save as box using either the save attachments option on the toolbar or the save attachments option under the office button. Service pack 3 did not resolve this for me. Microsoft are you out there??


I'm getting the same problem too. From Outlook 2003 & Outlook 2007, if i preview an email, select File>Save Attachments, the filemenu says the attachments are " none" . The exact same action on emails prior to my transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, do indeed operate correctly. Any idea what's required to fix this?


Have the same Problem (Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2010)

Has anyone found a solution?????


I have a work around, only works on 2007 so I had to eat the upgrade since he had 2003...... Thanks MS!

when you have multiple atachments right click them select all then right click and save.

This was the only solution I could find that made my client some what happy and he stopped bugging me about the issue, for now but he's still waiting on a fix....


Has anyone made any progress on this? I'm getting hassled by my staff for a fix.

I've tried to isolate the problem, here is what I've found.

-Lets say I receive an email with attachements from an external source. If I check 'File>Save Attachments', it says 'None'.

If I forward this email to myself, it still says 'None', when I use 'File>Save Attachments'

-When I create an email, attach items and send it to myself (or internal contacts), i can use Save Attachments.

If I forward the email to an external source (eg gmail account) and send it back, then Save Attachments doesn't work.
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