Cant rename Mailbox Database? Cant Create new Database

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Andrew Cormier


I have my first MBX server up. I am trying to rename the first Database to something other than Mailbox 15654599546 (or something like that). Every time I try to rename it I get Access Denied. So.. I tried creating a new Database with the desired name. Same error.

I have tried it with a non-domain admin account as well. Just put him in the Organization and Server Management group in the forest root.

I havent activated the Exchange server yet (112 days left). Could that be the problem?


It's not that you haven't activated the server, it would be that whatever account you're trying it with doesn't have the Proper RBAC role.

Andrew Cormier

I manually added them to the Groups above. I tried runing

Add-RoleGroupMember -domaincontroller root01 "organization management" -member "drew-da"

It says that this account is already a member. Since the group is in the forest root maybe it is a replication issue.

For renaming databases does it require Server Mgmt role, Org Mgmt role.. or both? or something else?

Andrew Cormier

Thanks Jader.

Funny thing is I dont have that role when I submit.

I can only query domain controllers in the forest root (we are in a child domain).

Here is the list of roles.

Name DisplayName
---- --------- Organization Management
Public Folder Manage...
Recipient Management
View-Only Organizati...
UM Management
Help Desk
Records Management
Discovery Management
Server Management
Delegated Setup
Hygiene Management

Andrew Cormier

Ok.. and since I only see these in the forest root, I am wondering.

When i did the prepare AD etc etc I did this from my child domain. Because of that I have read that I dont need to run the /PrepareAD switch. Could that be it? I find it odd that I have to connect to the forest root for this info.

I checked our test env and it is set up the same way.

I also tried to creat a user and dont even have access to do that so there is something that I did wrong somewhere.

Still reading.

Andrew Cormier

Ok.. I will finish this off.

I .. me .. moi... am explicitly blocked from having access to users mailboxes. This is odd. I dont know why. Worry about that later.

Created a new group in my domain. In ESM2003 delegated full exchange admin rights to that group. Put that group in the Org Mgmt group.

Created an admin account and made him admin of the servers and put him in the new admin group. It seems to work so far.

Sometimes I would do something like try to add a new database and get access denied. Wait 5 min and POOF it is there (not wait 5 minutes and try again.. it worked the first time even though it says it didnt.)

So I guess this means we are going closer to using MS's PITA best practices.

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