Accessing Exchange Server 2010 using Mac Mail 4.3

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Hi there,
I have to configure a few remote Macs to connect an Exchange 2010 CAS behind a TMG2010 using native MacMail 4.3.
Windows Clients work fine. But I can't get the Macs running...
Macs are configured as Exchange 2007 clients with the external CAS URL as the mail server address.
When trying to connect Exchange from a Mac the TMG log shows this deny message:

Status: 12309 The server requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the Web server is denied. Contact the server administrator.
Request: POST http://<externalCASURL>/EWS/Exchange.asmx

There are more log entries following the above message stating that the path /EWS is forbidden. Thats OK without authentication.
The TMGs web listener is configured for SSL only with FBA.
Any idea?


I have the exact same problem, however I cannot find any evidence of discussion anyplace else. Have you found a solution?

I have tried configuring Basic Authentication for Exchange and TMG Delegation on the Rule, but no luck.


I am still having the same exact issue. I can use windows clients all day long but no Mac clients. I have tried several Macs and every configuration I can think of.
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