No Address Book in Outlook 2010 - doesn't show my Contacts

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In newly installed Outlook 2010, using Windows 7, everything transferred perfectly. My emails, files, accounts, and contacts are all in Office and Outlook 2010. However, myContacts do not appear in my address book - in fact there are no address books. I used this article KB287563 and did everything it said. Yet when I get to Step 3 Outlook will not let me 'click to select the " Show this folder as an e-mail address book' check box. It is grayed out. We are using Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2010. So frustrating - every new email I have to go to Contacts and cut and paste the address. When I hit the " TO:" or CC: nothing comes up. Tried MS support but my PID number wasn't recognized (why not?). Do I need to pay to get help to fix this? Any advice would be so much appreciated. I've tried to change the properties of the contacts folder but same issue - check box not available. Thanks so much!

J Hoch

As an alternative to creating a new profile, here's something that worked for me in Outlook 2010:

- delete all items in the Address Book. (Before doing this, to be on the safe side you might want to create a back up of it, but I don't know how to do that.)

- get into the display of " My Contacts" by typing <cntrl> 3.

- right click on the word " Contacts" in the frame on the left side and then left click on " New Folder" .

- in the dialogue box that appears, for " Name" type in a name you want to call your new contacts folder, such as " Contacts1" . For " Folder contains" use " Contacts Items" . For " Select where to place the folder" , click on the name of the folder that your " Contacts" folder currently resides in. This is probably the name of one of your email accounts. Don't click on the name " Contacts" . Then left click " OK" .

- left click on the word " Contacts" on the left side frame, left click on one of the contacts on the right side, then select all the contacts on the right side, say, by typing <cntrl> a.

- right click somewhere on these selected items, left click on " Move" , left click on " Copy to folder" , by left clicking select the name of your new contacts folder, say, " Contacts1" , and then left click on " OK" .

- on the left side, left click on the name of your new contacts folder. You should now see all your contacts displayed on the right side.

- on the left side, right click on the name of your new contacts folder, left click on " Properties" , left click on " Outlook Address Book" , put a check mark in the box next to " Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" , then left click on " OK" .

- left click on " Address Book" in the upper right portion of the window. At this point for me after changing the entry in the dropdown menu to the name of my new contacts folder, the items in my new contacts folder showed up in my Address Book. Note that items in your new contacts folder that do not have email addresses or fax numbers associated with them will not show up in your Address Book.

I hope this helps someone,


Russ Valentine

Probably not a very good idea. There are many reasons users will want to store their Contacts in the default Contacts Folder. Moving them elsewhere will have several unintended consequences. Creating a new profile is a far better solution.Russ Valentine

Diane Poremsky

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As Russ mentions, while this works, its just a workaround and a new profile is better. If you don't want to take the time to make a new profile 'now', its a guick fix but it breaks sharing (if you use an exchange mailbox) and syncing with devices that use Active Sync will not work as expected (AS uses the default contacts folder only), amoung other things.

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