Outlook 2010 calendar crashes when opened

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Everytime I try to open my calendar it crashes Outlook and has to reboot!

Ezil Vinoth

Do you get any error message?
Check in Outlook safe mode.

Hold the Ctrl key and click on Outlook icon and open in safe mode, now check with Outlook. If you are able to work without any issues then it is due to add-ins in Outlook. Follow the steps below and disable add-ins in Outlook 2010.

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on File> options> Add-ins

3. Click on "GO" beside Manage – COM Add-ins and uncheck the add-ins and click ok.

4. Close and open Outlook and check if you can use calendar.


No error messages, it just says Outlook has stopped working and then restarts itself.

It does it in safe mode too.


Yes, only when I open my Calendar. I've turned off all add-ins and scanned it but nothing seems to work!

Could it have to do with trying to sync it to my blackberry?

Ezil Vinoth

Create a new profile and verify if Outlook crashes while using Calendar.

If it doesn"t then try to repair the Outlook Data File (PST) associated with the old profile using scanpst as suggested by Robert.


Hello, was your problem resolved? I encountered identical issue and it is simily not going away..


No, I haven't been able to reslove this! (It seems like anything I try is making it worse...)

Are you trying to sync a BlackBerry? Now that is all screwed up too! :(


Here has been my experience with this. I hope it helps someone. After doing a repair on the office install, rebooting and creating a new profile my calendar was still crashing. The only bit thing that remained from Outlook 2007 upgrade was my archive file. I closed the archive file and bam! I could now access my calendar without any issues. I then proceeded to open the archive file again because I need access to it. While I had access to both initially, the problem returned when restarting outlook. I then learned that if I opened my archive file before accessing my calendar it would work... odd.

That is as far as I have gotten right now. I suspect repairing the archive file or perhaps moving it to a new archive file will resolve the problem.


moving my archive files to a newly created archive file solved the problem!


We had this problem with a one customer in Outlook 2010 on Exchange 2010.

We tried everything to no avail but the new profile fixed it (which is always a last resort).

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