How do you combine multiple email accounts when the "change folder" button is missing in Outlook 201

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Coming from Outlook 2002, I was surprised to see in my fresh install of Outlook 2010, my multiple email accounts have been given each an unique inbox. I did an internet search for how to combine them to one inbox and sent items folder. Each time I get the same answer: use the " change folder" button in Account Settings' email tab. However, this button is not present where it should be according to screen shots and I cannot find it anywhere else.

So, is there a way to combine multiple email account to just one inbox and sent items folder? And what do I do with the .pst Outlook now makes for each email account if I just want one.pst file?



Problem appears on two machines with different licences and different OS's (XP & Windows 7)

Roady [MVP]

Which mail account types are you using?

You cannot combine multiple Exchange accounts, IMAP accounts or Outlook Hotmail Connector accounts to go into the same pst-file.

You can deliver multiple POP3 account to a single pst-file, set a POP3 account to deliver to an Exchange account or set an Exchange account to deliver to a pst-file.

Robert Sparnaaij

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