Entourage 2008 EWS sync issue with Exchange 2010

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I have several users that are having inbox sync issues with Entourage 2008 EWS and Exchange 2010. Some mail takes hours or won't download to Entourage at all. When viewing their accounts via OWA I can see the missing messages. Entourage seems to know that they exist because in the lower right corner of Entourage of one of the users I can see the activity message, "Inbox:Downloading...0 of 6" and it counts all the way up to "Inbox:Downloading...6 of 6". It keeps doing this with the number of messages increasing for everyone that is not actually downloading. The other users that are having the syncing issue have the exact same symptoms. I have done everything I can think of and everything I have read online but the problems persists. Here is what I have done as of this morning, rebuilt databases, deleted and recreated accounts, reinstalled Office, emptied the Cache, run permission repair on the macs, rebooted the macs. None of this has helped. There is nothing common about the macs either. Some are running 10.5, some 10.6, and there is a mix of MacBooks and iMacs of different years. The only thing that all the users (working users and problem users) have in common is their account setups. Thanks for any help!

Scott H. Robinson

If ther're on 10.6 i would recommend using mac mail as it now has native exchange support via EWS. As for your problem i haven't seen what you are mentioning before but i will take a look around and see if i can find anything.

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Unfortunately only one of the users having problems is on 10.6. But for that user I will try Mail.


Hi jim,
Please updeate all the issue clients client to the latest version, and make a test.


Clients are all running the latest version of Entourage EWS (13.0.5) and the problem persists. I have shrunk down their online storage to between 150 and 300MB to see if storage size was the issue, that didn't help either. Deleting and recreating the account seems to help for about a day or two. I have not had the chance to test out Snow Leopard Mail yet to see if it has the same issue.


Just updated to Entourage EWS (13.0.6) and the problem remains...


My client has what may be a related issue: he has 4000+ contacts loaded on the Exchange 2010 server (hosted by Intermedia), but Entourage 2008 EWS 13.0.6 will only download 1800+ of them. We've tried multiple computers, multiple identities and allowed plenty of time. Once the number displayed gets to a little above 1800, the Progress window continues to show the remaining Contacts as downloading, (235/2460, then 244/2460, etc.) but the number displayed in Entourage doesn't change. The same user was on Exchange 2003/Entourage 2008 until a month ago and never had this problem. Don't know if EWS has some limit on the number of contacts it can sync?


We are having the same issue with 3 users. They can see the mail in OWA but not in Entourage. Emptying the cache works for a day or so but that's it. We are using the latest EWS as well.


We are having the same issue with many of our Entourage users (probably exceeding 50 at this point). They can see the mail in OWA or on their ActiveSync devices, but not in Entourage. We are using the 13.0.4 EWS and are getting ready to put a couple of the users on 13.0.6 for testing. This is causing us a lot of grief with our users. We have tried Apple mail and in some cases that is fine, but it doesn't manage delegates and many of our users require this. Anyone have any suggestions?


Looks like the only solution is Outlook 2011 when it comes out later this month...I hope.
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