Exchange 2010 and outlook clients mails delays/delete and other problems

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Hi All

i am in a middle of migration form ex2k3 to ex2k10 and after i moved approx 600 users i have started to notice strange behavior as follow:

1.some outlook clients are expriencing delay in incoming mail (store delivery) either on online mode or cache mode-even though the email is in the owa immedietlly the users cannot see it on outlook client on both modes-only after pressing f9.

2.when a user try to delete email the emails are not disappearing -but on owa they are gone -only when he presses the f9 they are deleted from client view.

Things i have done to so far:

client side: new ost -still same

2.create new profile -still same

3.switch to online -still same

4.tried three outlook clients 2003,2007,2010 -same

server side:

1.tried to move the users to a diffrent db -same

2.move the db to be active on another server -same

3.checked perfmon logs for rpc latency or failed rpc requests -all is ok

4.used exbpa -all is ok

5.used extra all is ok

6.start tracing and advanced logging for mailbox and rpc related didnt find nothing.

it looks like client side issue but it showed up suddenly -i know that becouse on owa every thing works fine.

a bit on the topology:

3 servers with hub,cas and client access array

1 dag with two mailbox servers

Thanks a lot


Hi Anil most of the dbs are at one server,and i have also run get-mailboxdatabasecopystatus and all is healthy

also about the article the problem occures on all clients of outlook.

for example am using outlook 2010 and i have reporoduced the issue:

i have opened owa send my self an email and it never gets to my outlook on cache mode or online mode -only after applying the f9

in owa it is there immediatly even in my mobile device offcourse.

do you still think that the article concerns my issue?

Thanks Anil

Kevin Ca

Hi Dingel,

I agree that we should verify whether or not you are hitting a known issue.

In your case, you are stating the issue happens with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 as well. These use the asynchronous notification process that do not rely on UDP notifications. However, in some cases they will still try to use UDP.

It would be worth running these steps below to verify what they are using:
Start Outlook 2007.
Press CTRL, and then right-click the Outlook icon in the Notification Area that is located in the rightmost corner of your Windows Taskbar. Click Connection Status in the menu that appears. In the Microsoft Exchange Connection Status dialog box, scroll to the right side until you see the Notif column. Note the value that is in the Notif column for the row whose Type column value is Mail.

The Notif column will display one of the following three values:
Async UDP Poll

Also, i would at the very least make sure that you do have the latest rollup installed for Exchange:
I have seen a couple of other things cause this issue as well.
Do you have CAS setup in an NLB?
Have you tried resetting applicable routers/switches?
Kevin Ca


Hi Kevin, I have the exact, and I mean, the exact issue as Dingel. What's different are the circumstances surrounding the issue when it first came up.

We had applied the Outlook 2007 Group Policy Template to our 2003 AD in order to switch over everyone to cached exchange mode. We are currently running Exchange 2010, a recent upgrade from 2003 about a month or so back.

Once we switched everyone over to cached exchange mode, we have the exact symptoms. People can receive email damn near instantaneous on their phones and OWA, but Outlook will not receive in upwards of several hours or an F9.

I followed the steps in your last post. Both rows in which the Type column is Mail, have a Notif value of Async.

Many thanks in advance!


Similar issue with me. Clients using their Outlook 2003 (on Exchange 2010) upon deleting the mail, remains in their inbox unless refreshes. Most of the client select multiple email and delete and when email sits there, they try deleting again, in consequence they delete good email too... Its frustrating... Please ANYONE help...


Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2010 don't play nice together out of the box. There's a registry edit you need to conduct on the Exchange 2010 box to increase the frequency of polling.

If you Google Outlook 2003 Exchange 2010 registry edit polling, you'll find your answer. Or go here:

As for our issue, we are all using Outlook 2007 clients with an Exchange 2010. Our research had led to whether the UDP packets that Exchange sends out to notify Outlook clients of new email were being blocked somehow.

The fix for us: we disabled the built-in firewall on the Exchange box (residing on a 2008 r2 server). After the reboot, all is well.



What Actually fixed my problem was fail over of the dbs with the problems to the other node.

Thanks for Helping Guys


I'm having the exact same issue as dingel. I have nearly an identical setup (4 servers in a DAG instead of 2)

I have tried all the troubleshooting steps provided but nothing has worked. We are still seeing delays in Outlook 2007 and 2010. OWA and EAS receive emails almost immediately.

I can't "fail over the DB's with the problems to the other node" as we have had site outages that require the DB's active on different servers. Not all users in a DB have the email delay issue.

Any help is appreciated.

Jo swa

Hello valuable helpers.....,
First I thank to you for you have spent some time for me..

I have download the Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Web Services SDK.

Currently I'm develping the Message Tracking program using Exchange server 2010 Web service(EWS). I have used the

FindMessageTrackingReport(findMessageTrackReportType) method in my sample. I have added the webservice using Add Web Reference option in VB 2005 Express Edition.I have Checked the Message log enable option In Exchange server 2010 server configuration using Exchange Management Console.

I didn't get any result, when I send the request then the server responses also succesful and with out any error.

Always My result is,
DescriptiveLinkKey 0
descriptiveLinkKeyField 0
descriptiveLinkKeyFieldSpecified False
DescriptiveLinkKeySpecified False
Diagnostics Nothing
diagnosticsField Nothing
MessageText Nothing
messageTextField Nothing
MessageTrackingSearchResults Nothing
messageTrackingSearchResultsField Nothing
MessageXml Nothing
messageXmlField Nothing
ResponseClass Success {0}
responseClassField Success {0}
ResponseCode NoError {0}
responseCodeField NoError {0}
responseCodeFieldSpecified True
ResponseCodeSpecified True

Here I am not using any filter option. Because I want to retrive all the messages and manualy I have checked whether the log file have or not. Log file also avalable in this location" C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\TransportRoles\Logs" from Exchange server 2010 machine.

Please I need your help. and am waitng for your replay

thanks , thanks a lot for u....
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