Contacts list is missing from Contacts folder

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Hello! Asking this for my 68 yr. old mother. She's using Outlook 2007 and Windows 7 is the OS.

She clicked on Contacts in Outlook 2007 and discovered that none of her contacts are showing on the little business card looking things there. When she starts a new email and clicks To:, her contacts are there and if she just starts typing in a name, it will still prefill with an address. But nothing shows when she clicks the Contacts folder.

She looked in Deleted Items to see if she accidentally deleted them, as that has happened in the past, but they are not there. How do we get everyone back into the Contacts folder? She did say that she found a folder from her desktop that contained a folder called Contacts that has everyone there but just can't figure out how to get them from tat file back into the Contacts folder in Outlook. I don't use Outlook, so I don't know if she's just accidentally hidden them or if there's something in Tools or another taskbar that will restore them. Thanks!


Sue Mosher - Outlook MVP

She might have hidden them. Try View | Current View | Customize Current View | Filter | Clear All to clear any filter. You can also try selecting a different view in the navigation pane on the left side of the main Outlook screen, with the Contacts module displayed.
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