printing custom form with outlook 2010

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looking at the below article it says it is not supported.

check this article:

i think the last supported version of outlook 2000.

may be someone from MS can back this.



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Sue Mosher - Outlook MVP

may be someone from MS can back this.


" Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) does not support the use of the Outlook 2000 XPrint ActiveX Control or the XPrint Add-in with versions of Outlook that are later than Outlook 2000."


so ... no solution?

I find it a bit weird that there's a functionality to create forms (text box and stuff) but can't print it out.

same thing with other format (contacts, etc).

Sue Mosher - Outlook MVP

IMO, XPrint was never a good solution to forms printing, because it had some significant limitations. My preferred solution is to include code behind to the form to push the data into a Word document and then print that document.



I remember reading that kind of thing on some sites but unfortunately there's no explanation on how to do that.
do you know a good place to start?

PS:I'm not so good with VBscript

thanks for that.
I've re-post it here .

@sue mosher:
I did checked that site but the instruction is really vague.
clicking the my book link returns a non-existent path.
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