Outlook 2007 & IMAP - Error message: A connection to the server cannot be established. "mail.domainn

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We are having problems with our Outlook 2007 & IMAP - We frequently get this error message on 2 (two) different laptops with different operating systems. Error message: A connection to the server cannot be established. " mail.domainname" is now offline.

Laptop 1: Windows XP Professional with SP3

Laptop 2: Windows 7 Home Premium

We have checked with our website/domain host and the server is up and running and all our settings are correct in Outlook 2007 - yet we often lose the connection to the server and we manually have to go back in online mode (File -> Connect to " UserProfile" )

Does anybody have an idea what we can do to prevent this in the future? Have we overlooked a setting somewhere? It is a nuisance to have to deal with this several times a day...some days every 10 minutes.

Surya Prasad Vemulapalli

What is the antivirus software installed on the computer?

Try starting the computer inclean boot mode and check if it helps.

If it works fine in clean boot mode, turn off the email scanning feature in antivirus and check if the same issue reoccurs.
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