Hub Transport and Edge is not working as it should

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2x HUB/CAS (having 2 certificates, 1x selfsigned and 1x digicert SAN) Exchange 2010 SP1
2x MBX in a DAG Exchange 2010 SP1
2x TMG/Edge/Forefront (having 2 certificates, 1x selfsigned and 1x digicert SAN) Exchange 2010 RTM, no SP1 since it breakes the TMG for the moment, hotfix is coming soon...

Edgesync process:
1. From the TMG/Edge servers I've generated the Edge Subscription Files.
2. Imported both on one of the HUB/CAS servers
3. Two Edge Servers are listed in EMC under EdgeSubscription
4. On the Send Connector " EdgeSync - Default-First-Site-Name to Internet" , I changed the MX DNS to a Smarthost
5. On one of the HUB/CAS I ran the Start-EdgeSynchronization cmdlet and got some errors

HUB01 > Edge01 configuration CouldNotConnect
HUB01 > Edge01 recipients CouldNotConnect

HUB01 > Edge02 configuration Success
HUB01 > Edge02 recipients Success

HUB02 > Edge01 configuration CouldNotConnect
HUB02 > Edge01 recipients CouldNotConnect

HUB02 > Edge02 configuration Success
HUB02 > Edge02 recipients Success

If I send 10 emails to the internet, 5 of those are delivered successfully to its destination, the other 5 are stuck in the mailqueue on HUB01.
421 4.3.2 Service not available

I can only telnet from HUB02 to Edge01 on port 25.
I have verified on the logs in TMG that both servers are accepting port 50636, 50389
I can ping all servers from all servers using NETBIOS and FQDN, so no DNS issue

What I have tried:
I have removed all self-signed certificates from both HUB/CAS and EDGE servers.
I have removed the edge subscription from the environment
I have created a new edge subscription

Im currently trying to find why I can't telnet to the other servers.´

Since the mail works from one hub to one edge it MIGHT not be the lack of Exchange 2010 SP1 on the Edge servers. If no mail had gone out this could definatily be the issue...

Other than that I dont know what to look for.



I'd start by turning up the log levels on the smtp logging on the hub server that's not able to send and then see what the protocol logs tell you.

Are both of the hub servers in the same site, and is there a firewall between the hub and edge servers?

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SMTPSend says: 421 4.3.2 Service not available all the time

All servers are in the same site.

We can see that the connections are received on the TMG/Edge server from both HUB servers, both telnet port 25 and start or test-edgesynchronization.

Seems that there are something with Exchange that not are providing the SMTP service correctly?


Does the smtp log on the edge server show the connection attempt?

Are the receive connectors on both the edge servers set up the same?

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Hi again,

Hub SMTP Send says: 421 4.3.2 Service not available
Edge SMTP Receive says: 421 4.3.2 Service not availale

The receive connectors on the edge are both the same; exchange server authentication!


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More questions: one should be able to telnet on port 25 from any HUB server in the AD site to any of the EDGE servers that are subscribed right?

Seems edgesync is fine now, after rebooting and rebuilding the subscription from scratch, (4th time I did this).

However, the mail is still in the edge queue on both hub servers and I can't telnet to the edge from any hub server, both log and telnet say: 421 4.3.2 Service not available

Any more suggestions?


You should be able to telnet to port 25 on any of the Edge servers that are in the Send connector. An edge subscription doesn't necessarily make it available for sending mail out.

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Hi again,

Since I can't telnet I checked the Microsoft Transport Service and its up and running, have also tried to restart the service. Same issue.
TMG says it receives the request, it doesnt block it so what in the gods name are blocking the service/request!?



Logged on to one of the edgeservers and I cant even telnet to the localhost.

telnet localhost or servername 25 with the same response:

421 4.3.2 Service not available

MSExchange Transport Service is running...


Found the issue,

If I disabled the NLB NIC (private) on both HUB servers, we could Telnet and the mail is starting to fly! :)

No I must see whats wrong with the NLB!

Brucey Bonus

Assuming the smarthost is internal, add your NLB NIC interfaces to the allow list on your SMTP smarthost. I've got exactly the same issue and this workaround is satisfactory. The network binding order is set correctly on the HT server so I don't know why it is sending over the NLB interface and not the LAN.

I've got physical HP servers, the adaptors are teamed using HP NCU. There are two teams per server, each containing two NICs. Operating system is Windows 2008. Windows NLB is configured for the CAS ports only, but not for port 25. NLB is unicast, one NIC is used for NLB load balancing (on specified TCP ports) and the other NIC for all other traffic.

My smarthost is in a DMZ so the problem is easy enough to workaround.
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