2010 Outlook multiple IMAPs All named INBOX Need better ID (even OL2003 named Inbox for account name)

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I jumped from 2003 to 2010 so I'm not sure what it was like on in between versions but.... I have multiple IMAP email addresses that I bring into outlook. Problem is each inbox is named INBOX I can't even put any of them in the favorites folder because I don't know which one is which. In OL 2003 when you placed them in the favorites it used to read INBOX - then your mail account name. We need this back or something similar. Also better searching through all folders would be nice. Although its an improvement at this point from 2003 it could still be better. But for now... anyone know how to get that inbox to have an extended name, especially when placing in the favorites up top.


Sachin Shetty

If you drag the inbox to the favorite"s folder, in front of the inbox the email address of the account will be displayed in Outlook 2010.


This does not answer the question. The issue is multiple inboxes. How do I get all my messages, from all my email accounts to show up in one inbox?

Niyamath Khan

How many IMAP accounts have you configured in Outlook? Outlook 2010 works the same way as Outlook 2003 that is if you drag inbox to favorite then email address will be displayed next to the inbox.

Try creating Outlooknew profile, configure any 1 IMAP account then drag inbox to favorite to check if it helps.

You may try creating rule to move all messages from all email addresses to one common inbox.
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