Automate Senders email to go in Specified Folders

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Currently, I have setup folders in my Inbox for different senders of emails I receive. I want to automate this process so that I don't have highlight those msgs then click to Move 'em to a different folder. Can you do this? I looked in Outlook and didn't see any options for this - surely there is a way to do this - and would save time. Let me know, I try Self-Help 1st and if I don't find an answer, then I inquire other sources. Thanks in advance for assistance in discovering how to do the said task above.




Went to the link, printed out the instructions, and it works like a charm. Thank you!

This way I can keep an onslaught of important listserv msgs in one place for reviewing.

Saves time and mouse clicks by making a rule to automate that process!

I am a happy computing person today! Love it when items work like they are supposed to!

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