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I have a list of email addresses which have been rejected for various reasons. I would like to update all the address records so I can remove these from my email distribution lists but not delete the records.

What is the best way to import the updates to the address records? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Going to restate your question just to ensure that I correctly understand it

a) you have contact items (which you refer to as "address records") that have incorrect email addresses and are part of one or more distribution lists

b) you have an Excel file which has the correct email addresses for the contacts mentioned in item (a) and want to update the email addresses of those contacts with the info contained in the Excel file

c) you then want to update the distributions list(s) which any of these corrected contacts are a member of to reflect the correct email addresses in the DL

If the above is correctly stated, then:

1) If the First and Last Name's for each contact in the Excel file match those of the contact items that exist in the folder, you can import the Excel file to the folder and select "replace duplicates with items imported". Theorectically, this process is supposed to work but we constantly encounter Outlook errors when the "replace duplcates with items" is selected. Could just be our systems or the import process doesn't work with that setting - not sure. Keep in mind that you're going to have an issue if there are contacts with the same first/last name which are not considered duplicates.

(if you encounter the same kind of error doing the above via the Outlook import wizard and this involves a lot of contacts - ContactGenie Quickport may be of interest - it supports updating pre-existing contacts including those using custom forms/fields)

2) Once your contact items are updated in whatever approach you choose to use, then it's a simple matter of opening your distribution lists and clicking on the <Update Now> button. This of course only deals with those DL members that have underlying contact items.

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