Exchange 2010 OWA Public Folders with Outlook 2011

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I am having problems with my Public Folders. OWA works other than to delete a post. Post deletes fine inside Outlook 2010. Outlook 2011 doesn't see any public folders. It lists the Organization Header, but no folders under it. I suspect this is an EWS issue.???

Running Exchange 2010 SP1.

Tom Vanopoulos

You mentioned that you can't delete a post using OWA. Do you have certificates set to accept or require on the EWS virtual directory. If so, the SSL settings need to be configured to ignore client certificates. Also, if you have host header configured in the IIS bindings then you would have to remove it.

You also mentioned Outlook 2011, I guess this is the beta running on a MAC? If so, go to your Exchange folders list on the side panel and select Public Folders. Ctrl click to bring up Account Info. Select Subscription list tab and when the list populates with the available folders, you should be able to select folders you want and then synchronize.

After synchronization, it should then show you the list of folders

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Ignore client certs was already in place. Require SSL in IIS EWS is not selected, but I do have it on OWA, so I am thinking this should be on..

No host names in bindings.

Outlook 2011 is the Office Standard 2011 available already to MVLS. Public folders is an icon in the toolbar, not in the folder list. It pops open a window, and the subscribe button is greyed out. It shows the company name under Public Folder, but can't alter anything. Company name is highlighted by default, and only a ctrl-click will allow to me to highlight the header Public Folders. Otherwise, focus stays on Company Name. Changing focus has no impact on greyed out toolbar.


Still not able to delete a message post in a public folder through OWA.. get the internal 500 error in event viewer, 4 times per attempt.

Also, public folders do not show up in Outlook 2011 for Mac... I get the company header, but list to subscribe to any..


Hi John,
I would suggest that you could check the default web site binding order, or any redirection in your web site, that would also cause the kind issue.

In Exchange 2010 SP1 all the above actions are performed by /EWS. To accomplish this, Outlook Web App(OWA) makes a local call to the same Client Access server the user"s session is running on and executes a SOAP query through the /EWS folder. The SOAP query is executed independently depending on the operation. The Outlook Web App proxy call accesses /EWS/exchange.asmx via a hardcoded localhost address. The response from /EWS is returned to OWA and then returned to the user. When we change the default setting in the bindings for the Default Web Site or use a different Port other than the default 443, this operation maybe breaks.
I also run into some issue looks like as yours, and I also escalate those, if it is urgent, I would suggest that you open a ticket from MS.
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