forward all email to another smtp server?

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Is it possible to have exchange forward a copy of all inbound smtp mail to another server?

By this I mean it would still keep copies on the main server.


Shafaquat Ali

In the console tree, navigate to Recipient Configuration > Mailbox . In the result pane, right-click the mailbox for which you want to configure mail forwarding, and then click Properties . In <Mailbox> Properties , on the Mail Flow Settings tab, click Delivery Options , and then click Properties . Select the Forward to check box, and then click Browse . In Select Recipient , select the recipient to whom you want to forward messages, and then click OK . If you want incoming messages to be delivered to the mailbox as well as to the forwarding address you specified, select the Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox check box. Clear this check box to forward all incoming messages without retaining copies in the mailbox. Click OK to return to <Mailbox> Properties .

I hope this will help you.


Shafaquat Ali

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Ed Crowley [MVP]

With a transport rule you can copy all messages from users that are outside the organization to another address.

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What I am looking to do is to keep my groupwise server running for a while. Make exchange my primary server, but have it forward any emails it's receives to the groupwise server too.

So the emails being forwarded would be from users that are inside the organization and have valid exchange mailboxes. I'm trying to do this in a manner which doesn't require setting up a forwarding rule on each user's mailbox.


Should be able to do that with a transport rule, as Ed mentioned. Take a look at it, there's lots of options to customize it.
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