Empty Exchange 2003 Admin groups in Exchange 2010 environment

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I'm very rapidly approaching the point where I'll have two empty ex2003 Admin groups (which were actually upgraded all the way through from Exchange 5.5 'sites'). I can't find definitive information on technet (of course I most certainly could be overlooking it) regarding how to gracefully remove those old Admin groups. Is this just a matter of some adsiedit hacking after all of this is completed:

- address list upgrades

- recipient update service removal

- recipient policies upgrade/conversion to EAPs

I ran across a number of posts regarding ex2007 and removal of old ex2003 admin groups - as in 'don't do it because of the LegacyDN value per user'.

Can someone point me in the right direction. Is there a great post somewhere that can explain the steps for removing 2003 admin groups and other last-minute procedures? It's taken a year to get a fairly large 2003 org to this point. I'd hate to bring the house down now :). Thanks in advance.

AndyD_ [MVP]

I would just let them be. I see no need to delete the legacy Admin Groups.


Thanks Andy.

Side question - am I going to get some crazy error when I go to uninstall the last ex2003 in one of those admin groups? I mean past already decomissioning or moving all the required and dependent objects (like 'siteFolderServer' and other weird things like that).

Specifically I guess I'm assuming I'm going to get a 'you can't uninstall exchange from this server because it's the 'master' for the 'routing group' 'so and so'.
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