Office 2003 Crashes when trying to Copy, Paste, or Save with Windows 7 Professional

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Ira Locke


We seem to be having an issue for the last few weeks with some of our new laptops. We are using Dell E6410 running Windows 7 Professional and Office 2003 Pro.

It seems when our users try to copy, paste, or even save a document they are working on it will crash the Office program they are using.

We did find articles out on the web saying it could be related to a printer driver from HP (since we do have a lot of HP Printers in our office), we did what the article said and changed all the HP drives to a Universal one.

Then the issue went away for a day and then came back, then we found that the Ricoh drives for some of the printers in the office were causing the same issue so we installed the Universal driver for them and the problem went away as well.

Now the issue is back again and we are stumped at what is going on.

Any help would be appreciated as my user is getting a bit ticked off after being upgraded to something that isn't working.



Ira Locke

Hi Sachin,

Yes we have already tried that, we first tried the repair option, then we uninstalled it, rebooted, reinstalled it and we still have the same issue.



Ira Locke

Ok for anyone out there trying to figure out a solution to this we are now going to try to install Office 2003 on the XP Mode and see if this will work, I will keep anyone interested posted on the outcome.


Ira Locke

Looking around the net some more one of my fellow workers found this link: to an article which points out the same issue with a Dell Latitude E4310 and the Broadcom Chipset driver from Dell.

GantryG wrote:

" I found the problem- it was the " WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software" . We found that the problem was specific to some new Dell Latitude E6410 laptops, which use a Broadcom chipset for Bluetooth connectivity, known as the Wireless 375 Bluetooth Module. When I uninstalled that, the problem went away on multiple computers. This is listed in Control Panel/Programs and Features as " WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software" by Broadcom, version This version is known by Dell as version A02, and is the latest released by Dell as of now (August 26th, 2010."

So after we removed the WIDCOMM Bluetooth software (since there is still no update to this driver) the issue has now vanished.

I hope this helps someone else who is having this frustrating issue!

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