wireless always allows me to send/receive emails via outlook 2007. recent move to university gives me internet access but no emails can be sent or rec

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Using outlook 2007 on laptop at home and while traveling to send and receive emails for 3 accounts (1 gmail and 2 through godaddy) . I recently moved into an office and access the internet through the university's wireless. I am completely unable to send and receive messages through outlook when i am on this new wireless network. An icon appears on my taskbar indicating that outlook is synchronizing folders. I can login directly to gmail and send/receive without problem. And i can use my blackberry to send messages between the different accounts. But nothing goes in/out through outlook. One of the error messages is: Task'pop.gmail.com-Receiving' reported error : 'Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server.


Brian Tillman

Speak with your university IT people.
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