Updates to meeting does not update in user's calendar

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Lefebvre, P

Hi, I work in a federal gov'd environment are we are still using Exchange 2003 with mostly Oultook 2003 and some Oultook 2010. The problem seems to appear on 2010 version.

When somebody creates a meeting, add attendees (we also use here the meeting room as a "ressource" to book the room) and saves it, no problems here, everbody is recieving the request in wich the attendee can accept or decline the meeting; but when the meeting owner makes a change like changing the date or hour of the meeting for a date where there is already a meeting booked at this time & in the same room, it does move the attendees to the updated time on the meeting owner's calendar (although it shouldn't since the room is already booked by somebody else) but it dissapeared from the attendees calendars and didn't sent them a notice that the meeting time changed. The meeting is "dissapearing" from the attendees's calendars.

Does anybody ever experienced this problem and found a solution?

Also is Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2010 client supported by Microsoft?

Thank you

Pascal Lefebvre

Library & Archives Canada

Gatineau, Qc

Sally Tang


First, Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2010 client supported. See this for details:


You can check the settings in Outlook 2010:
Click File > Options. Go to Calendar and then scroll all the way to the bottom and hit the Resource Scheduling Button. Check which option is checked. I suspect it might be:

1. automatically deleting the update

2. removing it from the calendar.

Uncheck all the options and restart Outlook, check the results again.

Best Regards,

Sally Tang
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