Outlook 2010 does not show some messages after upgrade from Office 2003 to 2010

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I installed new laptop for my customer. Her old laptop has Office 2003 SB and the new one have Office Home & Business 2010.

So what I did was copy the .pst file from old to new one and imported it. Everything went fine until I noticed that some folders were missing ~half of the messages. It only showed 2008 and older messages but not the newest. There was few folders where this had happened but not in the Inbox folder.

What I noticed is that in 2003 and 2007 messages show as they should but when you move to 2010 they disappear.
What I've tried so far:

- Exported only affected folders and imported it to 2010

- Different computer

- Installed Office 2007 where messages work and upgraded it to 2010

Please help! Thanks!

Harry Yuan


I would like to advise to you use the steps below.

1. With Outlook open, click on the Send/Receive Tab

2. Click on the arrow next to Send/Receive Groups in the Send and Receive Group

3. Click on Define Send/Receive Groups from the menu.

4. When the Send/Receive Groups dialog box appears, click on the Edit button.

5. Click on the account you wish to edit, in my case I only have one account so only one is listed. If you have multiple accounts you have to modify each individually.

6. Click on Use the custom behavior defined below.

7. Choose the folders you wish to apply this setting to

Note: Each folder needs to be selected individually when choosing the setting in Step #8, if the folder selected is the parent folder, for example All Mail, then the other folders need not be modified.

8. Click on Download complete item including attachments (this will tell Outlook to download all emails with content and attachments).

9. Click OK to proceed.

10. Click Close to close the dialog box.

11. When you return to the Outlook window, click on the Send/Receive All Folders button.

Note: Depending on your internet connection and the size of your mailbox this can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours so be patient,

also note that Outlook may seem unresponsive while its transferring…just give it some time.

The Send/Receive status may indicate that the transfer has failed, when this occurs just close the dialog box and repeat #11.


Harry Yuan
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