Emails sent from Outlook 2010 are being received with some corruption of the body text

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Neil T Holland

We have about 20 Office 2010 installs (another 20 planned). Emails received from 4 of those (so far) are occasionally (30% of the time?) received with portions of the body text corrupted. Sections of the text will be replaced with random characters, though it has the look of control code sequences so my guess is formatting gone bad.

The email that is received corrupted appears as un-corrupted in the sender's SENT box. We have numerous email clients doing the receiving, ie not just Outlook 2010, so I've ruled out it being a problem at the receiving end.

I have found no other reports on-line of others having similar problems. So far the only thing I tried to fix it is to un-install and re-install Outlook on one PC, but it didn't help. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Neil T Holland

Hi Diane; Thanks for the quick reply. I got sidetracked but am back on this issue. To answer your question we run MS Security Essentials on all our desktops for AV.

Since my initial post last week we discovered that if you go into Options --> Mail and change the Compose message format from HTML to Rich Text it seems to solve the problem. And looking at the characters that are replacing portions of the email body they look suspiciously like formatting codes. Here's an example " < p class= right now he probably won't be able..." -- whatever words preceded " right now" were replaced with " < p class =" . Often the replacement text appears more like random characters however.

Anyhow we have a temporary fix, but would like to be able to go back to HTML format if possible. We are now up to 6 users showing this behavior.

We noticed another thing after changing to Rich Text format. Attachments are now called an " Insert file" , and they appear as a icon in the body of the email. The recipient receives the email with the attachment so everything works out fine, but for the sender it's a little weird. Is this correct behavior for the program, and if so why make the change for Rich Text only?

Regards, Neil.

Neil T Holland

Further on this... since changing the Compose message format to Rich Text, email with attachments received from _some_ of our Outlook 2010 installs the attachments appear in the INBOX as a single .dat file, which renders them useless to the recipient. Note that this is not universal behavior ie. other the Outlook 2010 installs that send emails with attachments, the attachments appear in the INBOX correctly ex. file1.doc file2.xls file3.pdf


I have the exact same problem, and appears to be occuring from a desktop machine running Win7 Ultimate 64bit and a Netbook running Win7 Pro 32bit. I was running the beta version of Office 2010 on both machines, and had assumed this was the problem. I have since updated both machines to the shipping version of Office 2010 (64bit on the desktop and 32bit on the netbook), and the problem is still there. I connect both machines to an Exchange 2003 server via SSL over the internet. It looks to me like the HTML encoding is somehow getting messed up, but it's not clear where. If I cc an internal user (a co-worker on same Exchange server) that user receives the message properly, while an outside user receives it corrupted. So it almost looks like the corruption is occurring on the Exchange server, and not the Outlook client. I will switch to RichText formatting for now, but based on Neil's feedback, I don't think I'll like it much... For the record, prior to using Outlook 2010, I used Office 2007 in the exact same environment without any such issues. Mike

Neil T Holland

Hi, the OP (Neil) here. I know it's no help to you but I'm at least happy to see that we're not the only ones on the globe with this problem. Perhaps if we make enough noise we'll get a fix someday.

I've posted this 3 times (because MS doesn't follow up on replies) and pretty much the offical line is that it's being caused by the Anti-Virus software. Besides the fact that we use MSE here and the MSE team has assured me that it doesn't touch incoming/outgoing email itself, we gone through the exercise of deactivating AV software and it made no difference regarding the corruption problem. I'm going to keep creating threads on this until I get some response that's of use.

We don't use Exchange at all. Internal and external recipients seem as likely to receive corrupted emails, so _not_ having Exchange in the loop might be a factor somehow. And in the end changing the outgoing message format from HTML to Rich Text or Plain Text did not solve the problem, though it seems to happen more often with HTML format.

We're also running Win7 Pro 64 bit, but not Ultimate.

Anyhow I'm going to keep posting this and if I get a solution I'll pass it along. If you learn anything of value I'd be grateful if hear it. Good hunting!
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