Bcc Field Present but unpopulated in senders folder view

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Since implementing 2010 sp1 all our clients (who are on a mixture of outlook 2003 & 2007) are unable to view Bcc info on messages they have sent. Messages sent prior to implementation still show correct Bcc info.

Any clues on what config problems may be causing this symptom are greatfully received.

Thanks, Mat

Mike Crowley [MVP]

You mean :

A: they don't see the BCC field when they send new messages?

B: when they look at old sent-items the BCC row is missing?

If 'B', the BCC doesn't show in the preview pane for me, but when I open the message it does.

Mike Crowley
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Hi Mike,

I mean that when they type the email originally the Bcc field is there & they fill it in (with no recipient enetered into either the to or cc field) but then after sending they view their sent items folder, which shows the Bcc field (we formatted for this with the field chooser) but no recipient appears for emails sent after the upgrade to 2010. emails in the sent items folder predating the upgrade DO show the Bcc recipients.

So, at all times the Bcc field is shown but is blanked out for emails sent post upgrade.

Thanks for your response, I'm pulling our IT Managers hair out over this.

Regards, Mat.

Mike Crowley [MVP]

Can we rule out the field-chooser by opening the message? is the bcc list populated then?

Mike Crowley
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On opening the message the bcc list is NOT populated. Opening an older, pre upgrade message does show a populated bcc list.

Similiarly, the center column does not show the bcc populated for post upgrade messages (it had been added as you suggested) but does show bcc populated for pre upgrade. The clients are all PC based on a lan so there is nothing between the client & the exchange server. All messages are sucessfully received by bcc recipients.

Thanks, Mat.

Abhi Jalan

We experienced this after upgrading to 2010 RTM. We noticed that when you are in cached mode, the BCC field was populated, but in online mode, it was empty.


Hi Abhi,

That does the trick, thank you. Our users now know who they've sent mail to. Good to see it reveals the bcc data retrospectively as well. Perhaps a bug to be fixed at some point.

Thank you all, Mat.


Everyone in our office seemed to have no problems; However, out of the blue last week, one of our users could no longer see her BCC's when she looked in her Sent Items. They weren't there, even when you did a "Resend Message". I would at first think it was a patch, but no one else was affected.

We are using Exchange 2010 (for about 6 months) and Office 2007.

very odd problem... but turning on cached mode, as Abhi says, fixes it...

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