New meeting requests not appearing as tentative on Calendar

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Jim Curl

I have an intermittent problem that I hope the community can help with.

I often receive meeting invites that do not appear on my calendar. The normal process is that when someone sends me a meeting invite that it appears in my in box and will also appear in my calendar marked as tentative until I accept or reject it.

Intermittently a meeting invite will appear in my inbox, will not appear in my calendar and when I open it the blue status bar at the top will say something to the effect of: " This meeting is not on the calendar, it may have been moved or deleted." It does this even thought the meeting has not been moved or deleted, it is just not there.

This is a problem as I am often away from computer for hours at a time. If I haven't noticed the invite on my Blackberry and accepted it, it may not be on my calendar and thus does not appear on my Blackberry calendar also. The meeting reminder is not set since the meeting is not on the calendar and thus I get no warning about the meeting.

I will sometimes get a call, saying, " where are you" to to a meeting that is not on my outlook calendar and thus not replicated on my Blackberry.

I cannot correlate this to a particular sender, to whether I am on line or off line at the time it is sent, or whether the meeting announcement came from internal or external sources. It happens about 40% of the time.

I'm running Outlook 2007 on WinXP on an enterprise Exchange 2007 sever. Patches are up to date and I don't believe anything else is wrong.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

My sense is that it's probably caused by BES. The timing may sometimes be such that BES touches the message (to sync to Blackberry) before Outlook can process the meeting request and add the tentative appointment to the calendar. It's just a hunch.

Does your version of BES allow you to configure how often it syncs with Exchange? If so, could you perhaps set the interval to be somewhat longer and see if that effects how often this happens?

Or...turn off BES for a couple of hours and hope (or arrange) for a few meeting requests to come in and see if the problem occurs without BES running.


Jim Curl

Thanks Ben,

I very much appreciate your response. I lack the ability to reach into the infrastructure to the degree necessary to really test this theory. I do suspect that if it was a configuration/timing issue with the BES that thousands of users would be seeing this and thus my exchange team would be more motivated to fix it!! There are about 130,000 users on exchange and probably half of them have Blackberries. I do think that you bring up a good point dealing with timing of messages.

I do have a delegate for my mailbox that has rights but doesn't really manage my calendar. My secretary has full rights to my calendar and sees all my invites. I need to check with her and find out what she does with new invites that may be causing this problem. I like to manage my own calendar so she doesn't routinely process invites, but she may do something like move them out of her inbox before I can get to them. I wonder if that would cause this.

I'll write back if that seems to be the issue.

Thanks for putting me on a path to solving this.


Jim Curl

Ran a quick test on this.

I had my someone send me invites, my secretary did nothing to one, moved one to an off line folder (in a .pst) and deleted one.

The simple experiment seemed to indicate that if the meeting was moved or deletedwithout being opened or before it had a chance to sync with my calendar there was a problem, if she opened it, or took an action after it was on my calendar it appears to be ok.

We just had time for a simple test, and she is going to watch for this occurring and make sure she doesn't do anything before the meeting shows up.

Maybe this will help.


I am experiencing the exact same problem. The only difference in my environment is that I have not assigned any delegates for my inbox. Were you able to find a solution?
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