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Benny Jackson

Exchange 2007 quotas…………

We are running out of disk space on our Exchange drives, the conversation has come up top archive. We have about 70 mailboxes we need to archive and get under 4 gig, the mailboxes range from 5 to 17 gig. I"m very familiar with Exchange/Outlook archiving using Outlook. In the past we have archived each individual user to their local drive or their home “H” network drive. I guess my question is, rather that archiving 70 mailboxes one by one, is there a way or a utility to archive all or more than one at a time? Is EXmerge still the utility to use?


Benny Jackson

In the research before the post, I saw the power shell command to export to a .pst, thanks for confirming.

Benny Jackson

I"ve decided to use the auto-archive GPO in my exchange 2007 server. I wish there were a way to set the time to archive for less than one day. Anyway, I have the parameters set and I"ve wait for 2 days and no action on the archive, my setting are listed below. I will mention I"m using the exchange 2007 GPO"s, my outlook client is office 2010 – would that make a difference?

As you can see my default location to PST and OST - I"m trying to send to the users home drive\PST the path is what the network administrator gave me to use. I should also mention that I"m on windows 7.

*******The default location for PST and OST file is = \\<userAttr.homeDirectory>\PST

*******AutoArchive Setting*********

Turn on AutoArchive - checked

Run AutoArchive every 1 day - wish I could change that to 5 min's so I can test sooner.

Archive or delete old items - checked

Show archive folder in folder list - checked

Clean out items older than 6 months

I have my user and machine object in the right GPO, did a updategpo/force, i also checked tha tthe GPO is running on my win 7 gpo's.

Any ideas?


Please verify that you have downloaded the right admin template

Office 2010 Group Policy Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX, ADML) and Office Customization Tool download available

Please refer to the guide below to load GPO (ADMX) on the OU that contains the users

Managing Outlook 2007 through Group Policies

Notes: If the template is still not working, please use the &ldquo;Outlook IT Pro&rdquo; forum for outlook specific administrative template issue which would be the best place for the question

James Luo


Benny Jackson

The auto archive seems to be working but it's still going to the default location on the local C drive. My goal is to have the Exchange GPO archive to the users H home drive. This is the variable I'm using \\tulsvr-fs01\home\%username%\archive.pst when I type in the RUN command line

\\tulsvr-fs01 which is my server name \home\%username% it goes to my home drive, but when I use in the GPO the archive.pst still goes to my local C drive. And when I look at the default location for archiving in the outlook client it still points to the local C drive and not the Exchange GPO for the H drive

Any ideas to make the .pst go to the user H drive in the Exchange GPO?

Thanks for your help!


Per my further research, the &ldquo;default location for PST or OST&rdquo; option in GPO is not for AutoArchive setting. And, the AutoArchive path is stored in the Profile"s registry key, instead of the user"s registry key, so GPO cannot change that (KB 198479)

Notes: You can"t save the PST file across the network (KB 297019)

The only method that I can find is PRF, the resources below will help:

How to set the location of an archive .pst file in Outlook

Group policy autoarchive location

James Luo

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