Outlook 2007 Business Contacts Manager won't install (and I can't get help from Microsoft)

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I have just purchased Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and installed it on a pc that previously had Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 installed on it. The reason I did this is I need business contact manager.

I uninstalled office enterprise, installed office professional with no problem but business contact manager just won't install.

The Office install, including Outlook went OK and Outlook grabbed the PST file from my last installation and works fine. However when I
try to install business contact manager I get the error message "setup failed to install business contact manager for outlook 2007. see
(then it directs me to a setup log) MBSsetuptmpBF9C.log for more detail.

Not being overly technical I've looked at the log but it means nothing to me. I have tried the things microsoft recommends on their
technical support page to try to pin down the problem and from this I gather the SQL server is installed and running but none of the
components of the BCM are installed (the keys aren't their in the registry).

Has anyone got any suggestions how I can get the thing to install, what I should be looking for in the installation log to give me a clue
as to the problem, or where I can get additional help from Microsoft to solve the problem?

The log does say " MainEngineThread is returning 1603" but I don't know if that is a cause or effect?

I have tried to get support from Microsoft, it's a new legitimate product and it's been activated over the internet but MS does not recognise the product ID, and I don't feel like paying £45.00 for a support call when it's brand new software and it's the installation of their product that's at fault.

This is driving me nuts so any help would be very gratefully received!

Ganesh Kumar N

Click Start > Programs > Accessories > Run > type '%temp%' without quotes and press enter

open the MBSsetuptmpBF9C.log with notepad and copy and post the contents so that we could have a look at it and provide steps to fix the issue

Ganesh Kumar N
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