Emails sent from Outlook 2010 are being received with some corruption of the body text

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Neil T Holland

We have about 20 Office 2010 installs, 20 to go. Emails received from 6 (so far) of those are occasionally (25% of the time?) received with portions of the body text corrupted. Sections of the text will be replaced with random characters, though it has the look of control code sequences so my guess is formatting gone bad.

Here's an example from the body of a received email:
" < p class= right now he probably won't be able..."

The original words preceding " right now" were replaced with " < p class =" . More commonly the replacement text seems like random characters however.

The email that is received corrupted appears as un-corrupted in the sender's SENT box. We have numerous email clients doing the receiving, ie not just Outlook 2010, so I've ruled out it being a problem at the receiving end.

We run MS Security Essentials for AV on all desktops.

We've discovered that if we go into Options --> Mail and change the Compose message format from HTML to Rich Text it seems to solve the problem. However attachments now behave inconsistently. Specifically emails with attachments sent from _some_ Outlook clients using Rich Text format are received as a single .dat file and are unusable.

So, changing the compose message format to Rich Text is not a fix.

I have found no other reports on-line of others having similar problems. So far the only thing I tried to fix it is to un-install and re-install Outlook on one PC, but it didn't help. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Brian Tillman

The most common cause of this is scanning your mail with an antivirus program. It may be yours or it may be the recipients'. To further test this, you and your recipient should completely uninstall your antivirus programs and reinstall them without any mail scanning feature. This will not compromise your security in any way.


Neil T Holland

Thanks for the reply. We're running MS Security Essentials on both ends. I don't recall seeing the option to disable email scanning during install. Either way I can go into the pgm and disable real-time scanning, is that sufficient? Please explain to me how this does not compromise our security in any way.

Regardless, given the random nature of this problem we need to monitor all email sent from one of the identified PCs for days to ensure corruption is stopped. What I'm getting at is do you know of any other things that we could try in the interim? In fact switching to Rich Text format would be an acceptable solution except for the problem with attachments as described above. Do you have a fix for that?
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