What are the known sharing issues with Outlook 2003 clients and Outlook 2010 clients on the same network?

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I'm involved in a migration project where a large number of users are being migrated from Office 2003 to Office 2010, along with an upgrade of Exchange Server to 2010. There are a number of Executive Admins that manage shared calendars and inboxes using delgate permissions. If the only the Executive Admins are upgraded first and the Executives aren't upgraded for another month or two, what known issues might come up with the shared accounts? Any input will be appreciated!


I think you should first update the Clients to OL 2010 and then upgrade Exchange to 2010. OL 2003 has Problems with ex2010 and multiple Calendaraccesses

Steve Goodman


Henrik Walther has a good article on issues you should consider whilst Outlook 2003 clients are connected to Exchange 2010. This covers the issues zagaz mentions that have been apparent with calendar sharing. These are mostly fixed in Exchange 2010 SP1 however Henrik highlights the remaining conisiderations.

Assuming you can deal with those issues - calendar sharing and delegated permissions should not cause any other issues. The way you are doing it, by moving the admins who use the shared mailboxes, will avoid any niggly issues (mentioned in Henrik's article). Only major thing to consider is to check the Execs are using cached mode, so as to avoid any client-side mailbox update delays.


Steve Goodman
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