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I am running Exchange 2010 with SP1 (no roll-up). I have enabled users for an Archive mailbox. I would also like to rename the Archive Mailbox's display name. By default it is "Archive -". If I change the "ArchiveName" parameter in the Set-Mailbox command to something else, it DOES change the display name in OWA, but it DOES NOT change the display name in Outlook 2010. I am running Outlook 2010 in Online Mode. I have also tried to run a repair on the mailbox and re-create the profile.

Any ideas on how to get Outlook 2010 to update the Display name of the archive mailbox? Is this a current bug?

Gulab Mallah

Hi Tim,

I am not sure if you have tried to reconfigure the OU profile or not, try to reconfigure the profile and check what happens.

This could be a BUG as it shows in OWA hence it should show in OU2010 in online mode, checking for the same and will post the update if there is any.



Thanks for the response. Yes I have recreated the Outlook profile. Still shows default display name.



How many time was between the rename and recreate of the outlook profile. I have seen when you change the display name of a mailbox and recreate the outlook profile after a few minutes it still gets the old name and after let say an hour it had the new name.

So I don't if this is normal and there will be some update time between changing the name and updating and if this will be the same with Archive mailboxes, never tried that before.

Regards Ronny


Seems like you cannot change the archive name in Outlook 2010. It always show "Archive-SMTP address", different with "Online Archive - <Mailbox User"s Display Name>&rdquo; in OWA.

And even you enable the archive mailbox with cmdlet:

Enable-Mailbox "user" -ArchiveName "archivename", it will be shown the default name.

Frank Wang


In OWA, it in fact displays "Online Archive - Display Name".

Now, this is in English, even if my IE settings are set to French and all other OWA components display in French.

Is there a way to have "Online Archive" display in French ?

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