Migration Ex2003 to Ex2010 problem, cannot see old mailboxes/users

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Hello all,

we have two Exchange-servers, Ex2003 with all SPs and a new 2010 SP1/RU1 with CAS/HUB/MBX roles.

This is a small setup with one ADS tree, no subdomains, very flat hierarchy. Admin has all roles he needs for the new server and all permissions to the old.

We have two DC's, one is 2003R2, which has the Exchnage admin addons we needed until now to setup new mailboxes, and a 2008R2 as the master in our ADS-tree.

We have about 40 accounts on the old Ex 2003 server, all " real" users have mailboxes with data in it.

Our plan is to move the mailboxes to the new server and to get rid of that Ex2003 server completely.

This failed so far beacause of several problems and errors we encountered:

When trying to define a local move request on an existing mailbox I can see in the list, I get an error in EMC " object not found" after a long delay.

If I try to assign a new (2010) mailbox to an existing user instead, I can see only users in ADS, which have never been mail-enabled.

Yes, I changed the scope, all the same.

I fi go to the old 2003-DC and remove all exchange attributes from an existing user account, I still cannot see this in EMC.

Defining a new ADS-user on the old or the new DC makes this account immediately popping up in EMC (refreshing needed).

So I got a dilemma: I cannot move old mailboxes to the new mailbox-DB, I am not able to assign new (empty) mailboxes to exsiting accounts, I can only define completely new accounts and then import my PST's from exmerge into that new account/mailbox (this works fine).

But like that I would have to define each and every user account from scratch and assign all that ACLs again - arrghhh.

What is hindering me from accessing the existing users/mailboxes ?

Any help much appreciated,



how about using command from ex2k10 get-mailbox do you see mailboxes then or still get an error?

other thing ... if youre looking from ADUC user permissions do you have a inherit permissions checkbox checked?

also verify that you have an 2way routinggroup connector set + if i remember correctly dont use smarthost in exchange 2003 side.


Hello Aivar,

Get-Mailbox doesn't work: I got an error (I am translating from german) mailbox database not found (command ReadFromDomainController has been executed)

- Philipp


seems like a permissions issues there.

2 things to try. first add exchange truster installer group to exchange local administrators group.

also try to create new admin user for rexchange to see if that helps. after adding newly created user to exchange admins groups.


Sorry, Aivar,

I don't get you : I don't have a group " Exchange trusted installer" ...



Sorry, Aivar,

I don't get you : I don't have a group " Exchange trusted installer" ...

sorry my mistake the group was named exchange trusted subsystem


OK - I see that one, what do you mean by " exchange local administrators group" ?

- Philipp


exchange 2003 servers local administrator group, except if exchange 2003 is a dc also


I added that local administrator account on the ex2003 server to the Exchange trusted subsystem group, now.

No change.

BTW: the two DCs are different machines, we got 1x ex2003, 1x ex2010, 1x DC 2003R2, 1x DC 2008R2, all on the same ads-tree.

Gulab Mallah

Here we GO, first thing i would do is check if the Database is mounted or not!
Make sure that you have Recipient Management Group is added on the account you are using to login to Exchange Server.

Check the application log if you see any error for MS Exchange AD Access. Also check event ID 2080 and post it.
Don't panic we will get it fixed. There is nothing which can't be fixed. :)



you had to reboot your exchange services as well after adding exchange strusted subsystem to local group .... even better if you could reboot entire exchange 2003 server.

have you tried to launtch EXBpa as well from exchange 2010 side to see if that can find any anomalies?

Gulab Mallah

Well its not neccessary to reboot the server after adding the Group, you just need to logout and log back in



Yes - my admin account ist in that group.

Fehler beim Cmdlet. Cmdlet Get-Mailbox, Parameter {Identity=nissindom.nissin-foods.de/Nissin-User/mailtest, ReadFromDomainController=True}.

This is event ID 6 (?)


I logged in and out - no change

I rebooted both exchange servers - no change

- Philipp


Found it:

Protokollname: Application
Quelle: MSExchange ADAccess
Datum: 17.10.2010 13:17:44
Ereignis-ID: 2080
Ebene: Informationen
Benutzer: Nicht zutreffend
Computer: Nissin-Exchange.nissindom.nissin-foods.de
Prozess MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGYSERVICE.EXE (PID=1224). Der Exchange Active Directory-Anbieter hat folgende Server mit folgenden Eigenschaften gefunden:
(Servername | Rollen | Aktiviert | Erreichbarkeit | Synchronisiert | GK-fähig | PDC | SACL-Recht | Benötigte Daten | Netlogon | Betriebssystemversion)
Innerhalb des Standorts:
nissin-dc.nissindom.nissin-foods.de CD- 1 6 6 0 0 1 1 6 1
Nissin-DC1.nissindom.nissin-foods.de CDG 1 7 7 1 0 1 1 7 1
Außerhalb des Standorts:

<Event xmlns=" http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event" >
<Provider Name=" MSExchange ADAccess" />
<EventID Qualifiers=" 16388" >2080</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime=" 2010-10-17T11:17:44.000000000Z" />
<Security />
<Data>nissin-dc.nissindom.nissin-foods.de CD- 1 6 6 0 0 1 1 6 1
Nissin-DC1.nissindom.nissin-foods.de CDG 1 7 7 1 0 1 1 7 1


what kind of connectors need to be configured on the old ex2003 ?
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