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I have struggled for years to get Outlook to manage my mail. I have spent a lot of time on Slipstick, evaluated so many Outlook plugins and addons, and even wrote complicated VB code to try and get it to do what I want, and still don't have the right solution. I am hoping somone can advise on a solution (e.g. addon or combination ) which will allow me to do the following:

At the simplest level, I want to be able to define rules that say that emails to or from particular contacts get automatically filed in defined folders. To me this seems really basic and logical. However now the pain begins.

The rules system doesn't really work with mail "to" or "from" a person. So I've created vb script to rewrite the "From" rules that are created by default to "contains email in headers".

However I have a rules list which is too massive to work with, and the rules wizard is too clunky to work with (god, even being able to resize that stupid window would help).

And even this is all email->rule->folder centric, which it shouldn't be. As people add and change email addresses, the rules are outdated, and there is a lot of manual creation.

Really what I want to do is to be able to assign email addresses to contacts, contacts to contact groups, and then emails involving contact groups to destination folders. The system (whether rules wizard or something else) then moves the mails accordingly.

If I have mails left over in my inbox, then I know to add the addresses to a new contact and/or the contact to a recognised group, and it will be dealt with.

I have said "contact group" as a logical concept...I don't care whether this is done with Outlook Categories or some other kind of grouping or tagging structure.

Does anybody know of a system/addon/solution which will allow me to use Outlook in this way?
m thinking even a macro that does this might do.

1. List all folders with assigned categories.

2. List all senders/recipient of the email.

Foreach receipient, list matching contacts.

Foreach matching contact, list any categories.

3. If the category from 2 is in the list of categories from 1, then move the email to the folder.

So basically, there is no mucking around with the rules wizard at all.

By simply managing your contacts, and assigning categories to contacts and folders, all your email would be automatically sorted.

Could anybody help me a script or code fragment that does some of the above?

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Clearcontext will create a folder for each email address. It won't work with groups AFAIK, just individual addresses, unless an updated version looks for contacts assigned to categories. While its popular, when i tested it (several versions ago), it drove me nuts to have so many folders - Outlook is not a filing cabinet and shouldn't be organized as such. :) Nelson Email Organizer may also do the same.
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