Social Connector installed, uninstalled, now install crashes Outlook

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I installed Social Connector in Outlook 2010, both Facebook and LinkedIn. Worked great. Then I had to change hard drives. Installed the OS (Win 7, same as before), Office 2010 (same as before), including adding social connectors, patched Office and Windows. I then restored .pst from a backup. On startup, Outlook crashes. Two things prevent this crash:

1. Remove the social connectors from the installation.

2. Create a new .pst (new profile wasn't enough) and use with social connectors.

Clearly the social connectors embed information in the .pst that a new installation is unable to clean up, reuse, or otherwise suffer through.

I've tried running SCANPST until there's nothing to fix. (could it be that SCANPST hasn't been updated to clean up junk from the social connector?)

I'd like to run the FB / LI connector, but right now I cannot.


Guruprasad Ra

Did you try working in Outlook safe?

Try the following steps:

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run > Copy and Paste the following command in the open box and press Enter.

Outlook /safe

If Outlook safe works as expected, disable the add-ins using the following steps.

a) Click on File menu, click options > Add-ins > go button besides Manage: Com-in Add.

b) Check if there are add-ins listed, clear the checkbox to disable them.

c) Close the Office program and restart it.

d) Disable each add-in one at a time, restart Outlook, and repeat the above procedure. If the issue reappears again, it will help you to determine which add-in is causing this issue.



I followed your suggestion and the Add-In causing the issue is Microsoft Outlook Social Connector. With only the VBA add-in active, I can start Outlook. While in Outlook, turning on the Social Connector crashes Outlook. Starting up Outlook with the Social Connector (as in from Safe mode), Outlook crashes on start.

To me, this confirms my belief there is an artifact in the pst that is crashing the Social Connector and thus Outlook.


The solution was to delete the SocialConnector registry entry. Problem solved.
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