Lost contacts, folders and sent mail but still have

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Sailor 05

I transferred my contact list from Outlook in my 2005 computer (but not folders or mail) to my new 2010 computer with Windows 7 and new Outlook and was using it for a couple weeks, creating new folders and sending mail, when one day the contact list, created folders and sent mail just disapeared. My inbox mail was there but it seemed to have mail that I previously filed in folders. I could not find any contacts in my delete folder. My email is Yahoo. What could have happened? Do I need to transfer the contact list over again or is it hiding somewhere?

Vinay - G

You can use the cleanviews switch:

· Click on start->run

· Type Outlook /cleanviews and click ok.

Note the space between outlook and "/".

This will reset the folder views in outlook

Sailor 05

Windows 7 does not come up with run from the start icon but I did press the start button +R and got a run window. In this window I typed "Outlook / cleanviews" in the "open" line and pressed OK. This brought up the message that Windows cannot find "Outlook"...... My computer is set up with 3 users, me, my wife and guest. The contact list for me has disappeared but my wife's is still there as contact email.csv.csv. I believe I can import this file into my outlook but all the folders and their content that I created in Outlook are gone as well as the sent emails. What could have done this? Can I find these missing emails?

Sailor 05

I can see 15 folders in Outlook. These are the standard ones like Inbox, Draft, Sent Items, Delete Items, Calendar, etc. plus a few I created since loosing all my personal folders created by me to move emails into.

I think I'm in compact view but not sure.

I was able to find a contact file called: "contacts email.csv.csv" under my wife's user ID which I put there when I loaded it under my user ID but which is missing now.

Maybe I should say that I'm using a trial version of Outlook good until Nov 28 but I don't see how that could make files disappear.
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