Calendar: I want to change the time slots for meeting to 1 hour. Presently set to 1/2 hour. how do I

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Calendar: I want to change the time slots for meeting to 1 hour. Presently set to 1/2 hour. how do I do this?

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Right click on the time scale when in Day view and choose a new time scale.

Note that when you use the New appointment button, the time will be based on 30 min when you are in Month view or create a new appointment when in any other folder.

You can type the new end time in the time field in digits. ie, 9 for 9:00 AM or 10.30 or 1030 for 10:30 AM. It's a little faster than using the time picker. Use a or p to force times outside of your normal working hours: 9p, 6.30a

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