Not able to select my contacts list for my address book

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Ms Bull

I have recently upgraded from Windows Vista with Office 2007 pro on it, to Window 7 with office 2010. The new pc is a sony vaio, and it came with Vaio Transfer software, which has imported all my old settings, and made it very easy to get up and running on the new PC - theres is however one problem. That is in Outlook, i can see my contacts, with names, companies, phone numbers and e-mail addressed. But when I go to the Contacts properties, and select the tab for outlook address book, the box i have to tick is light grey (unselected) and i can't take this option. Does anyone know how to select your contacts when this box does not work....


Gordon B-P

Never use any third-party "transfer" utility to transfer Outlook data. You usually end up with a corrupted Mail profile.

Create a new mail profile in Control panekl and attach the existing pst file to it.

See here for more details. (It says 2007 but the principle is the same....)

Russ Valentine

To add to what Gordon said (he's spot on: your transfer software corrupted your profile--they always do and should never be used for Outlook), Outlook 2010 now permits you to select your previous data file as you create the profile. Just make sure you use the manual account configuration option so you'll see the option to connect to an exising data file. Obviously, it is your job to know where you Outlook data file is and make sure it is backed up.Russ Valentine

Ms Bull

thanks for replying Gordon, I've tried this as best i can and i must be missing something, because I still can't use my existing contacts for my address book.... is this possibly because it's migrating up to Office 2010?

Ms Bull

Thanks for the reply Russ, I'm missing something as it's still not working any better.... any more tips, I'm at my wits end, and Sony are taking ages to get back to me, even thought I've called them every day for the past 3 days...

Ms Bull

Thanks for trying to help Russ, I had no problem creating profiles, in fact the transfer software did that for me, and other than correcting a some of the server info. It worked fine. The problem related more to being able to use the contacts database as my address book. I believe what has happened, is what Gorden suggests in his article - that i have a corruption. Talking to Sony, they don't admit this, but have suggested I re-install everything on my pc, and start again without using their Vaio Transfer software. Not good support from Sony if you ask me, but there's not much I can do about that (until I come to buy my next PC).

Thanks again for your help Gents.

Russ Valentine

If you followed the instructions I posted, you would have no problems. State what you did instead.Russ Valentine
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