after upgrading from vista to windows 7 - how to import my gone outlook calendar into windows live?

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I've upgraded from vista to windows 7.
I've used easy transfer to back up my stuff on an portable hard drive.
the upgrade eliminated outlook (office outlook) which calendar I used.
the upgrade went very smooth - all my data and programs remained - so I didn't use easy transfer to retrieve stuff.
Is there a way to import my outlook calendar info into windows live calendar (is it stored somewhere on the computer, or from the backup on the portable drive)?

Russ Valentine

You must never use Windows Easy transfer for Outlook data. Your post is quite unclear. Clarify precisely what you want to do now. Outlook data cannot be imported into any other program. Are we to assume you no longer have Outlook and will not be using it?Russ Valentine


I wonder if there's a way to retrieve my outlook calendar from the back-up (easy transfer was used to create it) into windows live calendar?

my outlook disappeared when I upgraded windows vista to 7. Can outlook work with windows 7?


Russ Valentine

Windows Easy Transfer does not create backups. Normally users backup data they want to retain. Did you? How would you propose to use Outlook data if you are not running Outlook?Russ Valentine


my assumption (based on instructions that came with my windows 7...!!!) was that by using easy transfer i'll have everything on my computer back up, and ready to transfer to the upgraded windows 7.

If I ran the easy transfer on the upgraded computer (runninmg windows 7 now) - will it retrieve/install outlook? can outlook work with windows 7?

Is there a way for me to see my old outlook stuff from the easy transfer, on any computer at all (with an installed outlook)?



Clarification required here.

Are you talking about OUTLOOK or OUTLOOK EXPRESS?

Outlook would not have disappeared when you upgraded from Vista to Win7, Outlook Express would have done as it is no longer part of Windows.

The two programs are completely different and so are the solutions to your problem.

Russ Valentine

Windows Easy Transfer does not transfer programs. Those you must reinstall yourself. There is no reason you can't reinstall Outlook on Windows 7, but you cannot use Windows Easy transfer to transfer Outlook data. Why don't you just copy your Outlook data file from the old computer?

Russ Valentine

Russ Valentine

I don't think they remove threads until they run out of cyberspace.Russ Valentine
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