Outlook 2010: Contacts don't appear in Address Book view unless you search for them

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So a user is having this issue just recently. In Outlook 2010, if they click on the Address Book button, it no longer displays any of the contacts in their Outlook Address Book. You can search for a contact and it will then display those results, but by default the view just shows the msg " Type in your search keywords and hit 'Go' to perform a search" (typing that msg from memory, so that may not be exact).

If I go into their contacts folder, their contacts are visible, and the folder is properly setup as an Outlook Address Book. According to the user, this just started this morning. Before it would list their contacts when he brought up Address Book.

Any thoughts? I may try re-creating the Outlook Address book, but kinda worried this will just happen again.

His computer is Windows 7 x86 with Office 2010.

Russ Valentine

The Outlook Address Book contains no Contacts and never has. It merely holds the Contacts Folders that have been enabled as electronic address book. If indeed you have enabled folders correctly as electronic address books, they will appear beneath the Outlook Address Book heading in the Address Book view. User needs to select the appopriate Contacts Folder beneath the Outlook Address Book to see the entries.Russ Valentine


Yea, we've already tried selecting all the different Contacts folders that the Outlook Address Book contains from the pulldown and it doesn't make a difference. It doesn't show any contacts in the Address Book view until you do a search.

Russ Valentine

If every Contact folder beneath the Outlook Address Book heading is empty there are 2 possibilities:

1. You have not enabled the correct folder for display. Use Folder List view to see if you have other Contacts Folders that might need to be enabled.

2. Your Outlook Address Book service is corrupt. It cannot be repaired in Outlook 2010 without creating a new Outlook profile from scratch.

Russ Valentine

Barb PV

I had the exact same problem and spent hours trying to fix it. Then I called Best Buy's Geek Squad, and the agent couldn't tell me to do anything more than I had already done, and said I would have to pay $90 to go to the next level support. Forget that! So I found the box Outlook came in, found the Microsoft number to call, and got Microsoft technical support, since I'm still in the 90 period where I get free support.

You wouldn't believe how easy the solution is: when you bring up the address book, it says " search" and then 2 optios, " name only" and " more columns." As soon as you click on " name only" all the names in your address book will appear like magic! We must have accidentally clicked on " more columns" and that caused the problem.
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