How to copy and paste in Outlook 2010 ?

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I want to copy an item from 1 day and paste it to another (fairly basic request)

I select the item I wantto copy, and press Copy on the Ribbon

I move to the new date, select the day, and press Paste

Hey Presto - Outlook puts a copy of the item IN THE ORIGINAL day, not the new day

It gets worse - whereas old Oultook would normally only put a single item, even of a recurring series, I now find that Outlook has put a whole series of items, exactly where I don't want them

Roady [MVP]

That's because you are copying a recurring item, the behavior you are expecting only applies to single items. This is indeed a design change from Outlook 2007 as people were actually expecting to copy the recurrence pattern as well.

To create a single item copy of an appointment with a recurrence pattern, click the appointment with your right mouse button and hold down the mouse button while you drag and drop it on its new day/time. Now you can choose to Move or Copy the item. Choosing " Move" will create a one-off for the current series and choosing " Copy" will create a single item copy unrelated to the original series.

Robert Sparnaaij



I find that really wierd - different copy/paste behavior depending on single or recurring ietm ? Who's bright idea was that ? So the people who were expecting to copy the whole recurrance would actually prefer that it does NOTHING (or actually worse than nothing) rather than at least move the single item ????

I guess I'll just have to get used to it, but seems like just one more downgrade as I move to Office 2010
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