Password prompt for the pst files

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B in PS

I reinstalled OUTLOOK 2010 after a hard drive failure on my Dell Studio 17.

I restored the data files (on the hard drive) from the Dell backup service.

All is well, except whenever I open the OUTLOOK 2010 calendarONLY (for the 1st time in a session) it asks me for a password (the files were NEVER password protected.) If I leave the password field BLANK and click [CANCEL] on the dialogue box, it opens normally.

What's up with this?

Thank you in advance.

B in PS

I couldn't find SCANPST.EXE on the installation disk so I ran the " REPAIR" feature on the installation disk I had. No results.

When I found SCANPST.EXE (in two (2) places on my hard drive; same file, different directories), I clicked on it to execute and it prompted me to enter afile name for it to operate on.

I give up, which OUTLOOK file(s) should I? use?

Thank you

Priyalatha Narayan

When ScanPST.exe prompts you to browse to a file name browse to the following location,

Start > Documents > Outlook Files > Outlook.PST.

B in PS

I tried it with the two (2) .pst files that were in that directory:

archive.pst my-email-address.pst

Errors were found, repair was effected, NO CHANGE IN RESULTS.

Thank You.

P.S. I also used ScanPST.exe on every file I found with a .pst extension. NO CHANGE IN RESULTS.

Priyalatha Narayan

How many calendars do you have in Outlook?

Are any of the calendars associated with a Hotmail/Live email account?

B in PS

Only one (1) that I'm aware of in OUTLOOK2010.

Previously (before the crash) I had an " archive" box to select the current or previous calendar. That isn't there anymore, but I still have a huge " archive.pst" file that is buried in /documents/outlook files/

I have already run ScanPST.exe on it, with no results.

Priyalatha Narayan

How many email accounts do you have in Outlook?

Also what is the type of email account/s (POP, IMAP, MAPI)?

B in PS

Two (2) IMAP (

One (1) POP (

In addition to pressing [CANCEL] with a null password field in the dialogue box, I can now enter

the email password from either (identical passwords) of the IMAP accounts or the email password from the POP account

and the calendar opens. (The passwords are 1st seven (7) Characters identical i.e.:


This is a new development, perhaps related to the execution of the ScanPST.exe utility?

Thank You.
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